Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Cameron Highlands Water Shortage?

The NST editor is talking about it to-day and the Minister of Science and Environment also talked about it in the press. This reminds me some years ago when our PM Dr Mahathir was very unhappy about a 'botak'( bald) hill in Selangor.I don't know how many botak hills are in Cameron Highlands.

My sympathy goes to my friends in JBA Pahang. What has gone wrong? We have EIA studies, laws and regulations etc, but how come we were informed that there are still developments and contructions not conducive to our environment. What happens to the concept of sustainable development?

No Sex for Want of Water!

In the Turkish village called Sirt, the villagers had suffered a few weeks of water shortage. The women folks are the ones who had to walk miles everyday for water supplies. It was reported that men are NOT allowed to have sex with their spouses until they get the water supply fixed! I hope this scenario is not going to happen to my friends up in the Hills of Cameron Highlands.

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

It is a pity to read news about 100 lives were lost due to flood in northern Thailand this week. The villagers were warned but they did not listen. This is a major problem in Asian country. Innocent lives were lost due to people's ignorant about possible dangers;be it flood,disease,drugs etc. I still remember in the my country's worst flood in 1967 when my late father had to go and persuade the villagers to leave their houses.

Water is a paradox by itself! Too much,you get drowned. Too little, you die of thirst.

Friday, August 10, 2001


(A paper I submitted to MWA Council for approval)


Malaysia will soon celebrate its 44 th Merdeka Day in a few days time. Sad to note, there are thousands of us who have yet to get access to good water supply and proper sanitation facilities in isolated areas. It is time we do something for them.

What is it?

It is a project to provide basic water supply and sanitation facilities to communities with no access to public water services. The facilities will comprise of a well, pump and toilet where a community of say, ten famililies share , operate and maintain the facilities. The cost of each project is estimated to be around RM10,000 each.


1. To help pockets of marginalised communities to get access to water supply and provide
proper sanitation.
2. To get publicity to MWA roles in water and waste water industry.
3. To get members to participate in community projects where the public can get immmediate and direct benefits.
4.To act as a catalyst and to provide a model for others to follow in the work of public services.


Initially, the MWA WaterAid Program seeks a fund of RM 20,000 from MWA to take off. A sum of RM 10,000 is to be allocated for publicity and organising the first project. The balance is for the first project. The first project shall be the showcase for members and and potential sponsors/donors.

For subsequent projects, all funding ( in cash or in kind) shall come from sponsors and donors. Each project shall be initiated by members from each state. The MWA members in each state is required to organise a project a year. They will identify the location and organise the work-planning,implementation and handing over to their local community.The members of the public are encouraged to participate in this community project led by MWA members. The sourcing of fund (in cash or in kind) shall be a joint effort from members from each state and the MWA.
Note: This proposal was rejected by the Council mainly because it is NOT in line with the objectives of the Association.

Sunday, August 05, 2001


Hundreds of thousands in Honduras sufferred food shortage due to frequent flood and draughts. This calls for national strategis planning to manage water resources in all developing and third world countries. Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia are endowed with abundance water supply and yet we do suffered water shortages and severe floodings. In my view, we have not done enough to manage this strategic commodity to the best of ability. As demand increases and supply diminishes, trouble is coming our way. I